About PJ Brown Counselling 

I have been fortunate enough to work for several years supporting and helping people through voluntary agencies by initially using my listening skills, and then moved onto different agencies where I have developed, and provided people with my counselling skills, again in the voluntary sector.  
As stated above my main training in counselling has been in person centred counselling, which generally means I am essentially non-directive and non-judgemental.  
In my counselling my aim is to offer a warm, respectful and safe environment where my client can explore all the difficulties, concerns, feelings or/and emotions that they are facing. 
My aim is to walk alongside them as they discover the answers hidden inside them. 
It is not about giving advice or telling them what to do. Its about working with them and they deciding what's best for them.  
I believe that the counselling relationship with someone who is warm, understanding and genuine and really listening can make all the difference. I know many of my clients have accepted and understood themselves more through our work together, and they value the depth of our therapeutic/counselling relationship.  
I have found my work with clients to be very inspiring as well as challenging, and uplifting, I always aim to work with integrity and honesty throughout. 
My counselling takes place in the Luton/Dunstable region. I'm willing to travel further afield though if required. Since 2012 I have been committed to working and developing my therapy. It has totally transformed me through my life's journey and also my life's development. It has also allowed me to develop intuitive skills about people and life.  
I see counselling as a way one can fully transform one's feelings, thoughts and processes, in essence oneself. I see counselling as being able to restore ones' full enjoyment in life while also being more comfortable with whatever's going on with you. I see within counselling there is much potential to change/recover. Be more the person you want to be. 

An Effective & Prosperous Counselling Service 

I have single-handedly worked on building my practice, with my vision and goal being able to provide an effective and prosperous counselling service, which would meet the needs of clients who are seeking to talk with someone, about their problems and issues and empowering them to work on rebuilding their lives to the full. 
I have found that by talking through emotional, psychological, or mental issues, with someone who is qualified and willing to listen with impartial ears, helps to release emotions and feelings of anger, stress, depression, pain etc... I have seen through talking and listening through expressions of emotions is one way of healing and feeling better about oneself, as it allows for greater self awareness, greater self-confidence, self-worth and self-esteem, which in turn facilitates and allows for change. 

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